Hiking Trails Thunder Bay

Hiking trails Thunder Bay

Hiking Trails Thunder Bay-Get Fit Hiking In Thunder Bay 🌄⚡

25th Side Road Tree Farm

Boulevard Lake

Cascades Conservation Area

  • Yellow Trail: An easy 871-meter direct route to the Cascades, taking about 10 minutes.
  • Blue/Red Trails: A longer, rougher path totaling approximately 2150 meters along the river.
  • Orange Trail: A 1,629-meter trail running parallel to the Red Trail through the forest.
  • Unofficial Trail: Follows the Current River to the main waterfall upstream.

Centennial Park (The Bluffs)

At Centennial Park, hikers can explore trails along the shores of the Current River, set against a backdrop of historical logging replicas. The park features two main hiking trails, one approximately 3.54 kilometers and the other around 4.83 kilometers in length. These trails offer a scenic and unique hiking experience, combining outdoor activity with historical elements.

Cowan Park

Cowan Park in Thunder Bay offers a short but delightful hiking experience. The walking path is approximately 0.1 mile (or about 160 meters) long, making it a compact route suitable for a quick and easy hike. The path is known for its scenic beauty, fringed with red pines and set against the backdrop of Fox Mountain, offering a rugged feel that’s just enough to give the sense of a “real” hike. This trail is particularly suitable for those looking for a brief but refreshing outdoor activity in a natural setting.

Flett Tunnel

The Flett Tunnel trail is an easy 5-kilometer round trip that features an old train tunnel through solid rock. Located near Kakabeka Falls, northwest of Thunder Bay, it follows an old railroad bed.

Hazelwood Lake Conservation Area

Hazelwood Lake Conservation Area, situated close to Thunder Bay, is ideal for family outings with its large semi-wilderness setting. The area features several hiking trails of varying lengths:

  1. Orange Trail: This is an easy 2.5 km loop that offers beautiful views of the lake, making it perfect for a leisurely walk.
  2. Forest Community Trail: Another 2.5 km loop, this trail winds through the forest, offering a serene hiking experience.
  3. Dam Trail: A 1.5 km one-way trail that follows the river and ends at an interesting dam.

Kaministiquia River Heritage Park

Mink Mountain

Mills Block Forest

Middlebrun Bay Trail

Mount Rose Trail

Mount McKay Scenic Lookout

Pigeon River Provincial Park

Ravine Lake Trail

Sevignys Creek Falls/ Trowbridge Falls

Silver Falls Trail

Top of the Giant Trail

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