Canadian Supplement Companies

Canadian Supplement Companies 2024 🍁

Are you looking to add some supplements to your diet for your weight loss journey? Check out these Canadian Supplement Companies, and find one that is best for you!

ALLMAX Nutrition

Allmax Nutrition offers a wide range of sports nutrition products, focusing on protein powders such as AllWhey Classic and Isoflex. They also provide pre-workout formulas like Impact Igniter Xtreme and a variety of wellness supplements, including vitamins, amino acids, and joint support products like Allflex. Their product line is tailored to meet various fitness and health goals, from muscle building to recovery and overall health maintenance.

Arm Protein

ARM Nutrition’s AlmondProtein brand offers a simple, clean, vegan protein powder made primarily from almonds. This product is designed for those seeking plant-based, dairy-free, and non-GMO protein options, focusing on quality and easy digestion.

Believe Supplements

Believe Supplements offers a range of products aimed at enhancing athletic performance and general health. Their main offerings include pre-workout formulas like Pre Fuel and Pump Addict, performance enhancers such as Performance EAA, and various wellness products like Superfoods + Greens and Marine Collagen. They focus on creating supplements that support various health and fitness goals, from muscle gains and weight loss to improved sleep and immune support.

Beyond Yourself

Beyond Yourself specializes in sports supplements designed to support various fitness goals. Their product range includes protein powders like Beyond Isolate and Vegan Protein, pre-workouts such as SuperSet, and amino supplements like AMRAP BCAAs. They focus on delivering quality formulations to enhance performance, recovery, and overall well-being for fitness enthusiasts.


BioSteel specializes in sports hydration products, such as Hydration Mixes and Sports Drinks, that provide essential electrolytes for effective hydration. Focusing on clean, healthy, and sugar-free hydration options, their products are widely used by professional athletes and individuals with active lifestyles. BioSteel’s offerings are ideal for those seeking nutritious and refreshing hydration solutions.


Biovalens focuses on providing natural, organic health supplements, emphasizing scientifically supported formulations. Their products, including Nicotinamide for oxidative stress reduction and skin health, Vitaloss for weight management, and Sensualens for sexual health and energy, cater to various wellness needs.

BioX Nutrition

BioX Performance Nutrition provides a variety of nutritional supplements tailored for athletes and those with active lifestyles. Their range includes protein powders, pre-workout formulas, and recovery products. Known for focusing on quality ingredients, BioX aims to support various fitness goals such as muscle building, endurance, and overall health and wellness.

Bro Dough

Bro Dough offers a unique range of edible cookie dough that is vegan and health-conscious. Their products are crafted with natural ingredients and come in a variety of flavors, providing a healthier alternative to traditional cookie dough treats. This brand caters to those looking for delicious, guilt-free snacks without compromising on taste.

Bull Nutrition

BULL Nutrition provides premium supplements focusing on pre-workout formulas and nutritional products for athletes and active individuals. Their flagship product, the “12 Strong Pre-Workout,” is designed to enhance workout performance and energy levels.

The Top Canadian Bodybuilders

Read more about the top Canadian Bodybuilders. This is an impressive list of the top athletes in the sport of bodybuilding.

Canadian Protein

HD Muscle

Hello Amino

Iron Kingdom

Magnum Nutraceuticals

Mammoth Supplements & Nutrition


Natural Factors

North Coast Naturals

North Coast Naturals focuses on producing a variety of health and wellness supplements, including superfood blends, daily cleanses, and protein powders. Their products, such as Boosted Immuno Whey+ and Ultimate Daily Greens, are designed to cater to a range of health needs, from immune support to digestive health.

Pure Vita Labs

PVL (Pure Vita Labs) offers a comprehensive range of supplements, including proteins like Whey Pro+ and Plant-Pro, pre-workout formulas, creatine, and other performance enhancers. Their products are designed to support various aspects of athletic performance, catering to those focused on muscle building, strength, endurance, and overall fitness


Rawcology specializes in organic, allergen-friendly snacks, including Grain-Free Granolas, Granola Snack Bites, and Superfood Coconut Chips. They emphasize nutrient-dense, low-sugar products made with high-quality, certified organic ingredients.

TC Nutrition

TC Nutrition offers a selection of fitness supplements, including pre-workouts like Batch 27, protein powders such as Complete Isolate, and specific products for weight management and health enhancement. Their product line is tailored to support different fitness goals, providing options for those seeking to improve workout performance, muscle building, and overall health.

Vandal Supplements

VNDL Project offers a range of supplements, including pre-workouts, nootropics, multi-vitamins, and stimulant-free performance enhancers. Their products are designed to support various aspects of physical and cognitive performance, catering to individuals seeking to enhance their workout experience and overall health.

Yummy Sports

Yummy Sports offers sports nutrition products including Whey Protein Isolate, Pre-Workout supplements, and BCAAs. Their product line is characterized by a variety of flavors, aimed at providing enjoyable taste options in fitness supplements. The brand caters to individuals seeking nutritional support for their fitness routines with an emphasis on flavor.

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